Yasaka Mark V Racket

Hi guys Jamon here from Ping Pong Ruler bringing a review on the Yasaka Mark V pre-made racket deal. The blade itself is a 5 ply wood with a lightweight feel, it really emphasizes the offensive style that Yaska is trying to bring to the table. The racket feels really nice in your hand, very lightweight feel with a harder sponge offering more speed but less dwell time resulting in less spin on flicks and opening loops.

It offers 2.0 mm Mark V rubber on each side which I was really impressed by. Mark V is a classic rubber for the beginner to advanced player. The rubber is very forgiving which helped me in blocking, and improper technique. Below I will go over each shot and how the racket felt on each one


  • Rubber: 2.0 MM of Yasaka Mark V Rubber on both sides
  • Blade: 5 Ply Lightweight Wood Off+
  • Handle: Flared Grip
  • Tackiness: 2.9 Slightly Tacky
  • Weight: 4.0 Light to Medium


Forehand Loop: Playing off the table you could really tell the speed of the blade. I could easily differentiate between strokes looping high, spinning shots and low and fast topspin shots. The power you had to put on your shots playing off the table was a little harder than I expected but it resulted in more control with your shot. Closer to the table my forehand felt a lot better. Mixing in shots in multiball was easy to control with the right stroke and I could tell this blade was meant for the offensive player. Playing my forehand against backspin was fairly easy and the super loop that was coming off was hard to block.


When it came to the backhand it felt great coming off the rubber. The sponge was harder resulting in a faster ball. It was easy to control the depth of each shot and each ball was low and fast when going for backhand loops.


Blocking on this racket was better than expected for an offensive blade. Blocking forehand was easy to adjust to when angling the blade against heavy topspin and super loops, when blocking off the table it was easy to control. The ball came off fast when blocking which helped setting up my 5th or 7th shots.


The blades dwell time was less due to the harder sponge which was different from my play style but it was very easy to adapt to. When flicking, it was easy to control my flicks low and fast which was the style of play intended for this racket.

Touch Play:

Close to the table this paddle felt great. I did not have much trouble returning short serves with backspin and it was rather easy to control where my pushes were going. Even chopping from off the table was great even though it is a faster blade.


  • Overall Score: 8.5/10
  • Ratings on Package: 100 Speed 100 Spin 65 Control


In conclusion this paddle was great to play with and it was really fun to play with a more offensive style of play. It is definitely great for beginner players just learning to play offensively and it will bring them a comfort with high end equipment. It also is great for intermediate to advanced players wanting to save money on high end gear. This paddle is well suited for the faster players out there that want more control with the likes of the Mark V rubber. The price is great and this really appeals to players that don’t want custom paddles but want the quality of one and this is the top of line in pre-made equipment.

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