Viper Arlington Review

The Viper Arlington Ping Pong table is a cheap, but decent table designed exclusively for indoor use. The table features a 5/8" MDF (medium density fiberboard) top, which is typical of mid to lower end indoor tables, which this table essentially is. Built and designed for beginners to intermediate-level players, it has been a popular choice for families with kids since it came on the market.


  • Table Size: 107" L X 60" W X 30" H
  • 170 lbs. gross weight
  • Indoor table tennis table featuring a 5/8" MDF Top and 1-1/4" frame; 1-1/4" square legs
  • Easy to open-and-use locking system
  • Rolls easily on eight 2" wheels, four of which include locking system
  • Can be easily folded and rolled away for storage or folded in half for individual practice

Distinguished Appearence, Sturdy Frame

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The Viper Arlington Ping Pong table is distinguishable from other tables in the $500 price range, factors that include the distinctive black surface with red edges, a refreshing look over the pedestrian, green and white look. The table is also built with 1-1/4" square legs, a bit larger than comparable tables, providing more much-needed stability.

Large Wheels & Locking System

The table rolls easily on 8 - 2" rubber wheels, 4 of which include a locking system to keep the table in place. When the game is done, the table folds in half very easily, ready to be rolled away for storage. The table, when folded in half, is also ideal for individual practice.


  • The net clamps on (not screwed on), making table fold-up quicker and easier
  • Table feet are adjustable for leveling
  • Table legs are a bit bigger and sturdier than cheaper or even comparably-priced tables
  • Comes mostly pre-assembled, and with only 2 wrenches needed to finish full assembly, it's a quick and easy process
  • Instructions are well written and easy to follow
  • The distinctive black and red color scheme is distinctive, and adds flair to any game room
  • The table is easily moved around, either flat or folded, by one person, even a small child


  • Not designed for humidity. Humid conditions may cause changes to the playing surface, which can include bubbling
  • A few people have expressed concerns over the tightness of the net (though measures can be taken to adjust net tensity)
  • For virtually all customers, this is a 2-person assembly job


This Ping Pong table has received overwhelmingly positive reviews by customers on Amazon. Positive virtues that we noticed include the table's design and how easy it is to move the table both when it is open and when it is closed. How quick and easy the assmebly is, and the overall value in the table.

Many feel that for under $500, this table is a terrific bargain. And as sales and promotions are commonly being offered, this table can be purchased for even less during popular shopping periods like Chiristmas. For a quality mid-level table that is absolutely ideal for most "non-professional" players out in the market, this is would be a great choice.

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