Stiga STS 275 Review

If you are a serious Table Tennis player or you are looking for a quality indoor table worth the money, then the STS 275 is the table you should buy.

The market today is flooded with different Table Tennis tables that boast useless features and shiny gimmicks to attract buyers, this table has all the essentials and is simply solid.

After this review, you will have a better idea as to what you can expect from playing on the table. We will explore some of the advantages as well as the disadvantages to owning this table as well as discuss the various features that make it an attractive table. We do our best to provide as accurate a review as possible, but if you have any additional comments you wish for us to add, contact us or comment below.

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Product Overview

The STS 275 is an indoor table with the best table top surface in its price range. The table comes with a ¾- inch tournament blue top playing surface that is guaranteed to provide a professional tournament level bounce. The table comes with 5- inch silver mag ball bearing wheels designed to make moving the table easy. Another very interesting feature is that the table folds up in half for personal practice. This way it acts as your best companion and allows you to practice alone.

Product Details

The table has dimensions of 108 X 60 X 30 inches (W X H X D) and weighs 220 Pounds. However, while packaging it weighs around 240 pounds with all the packing materials. This item can be shipped to 48 contagious states. Another additional item that comes with it is a 66-inch net and posts.


  • The 3/4" table top is tournament quality. You can expect the ball to bounce with the same quality as the more expensive tables.
  • The table folds vertically allowing you to practice against yourself.
  • The overall playing quality for this table compared to other tables in its price range is much higher.


  • While the table itself plays superbly, the assembly for the Ping-Pong table is something else entirely. The instructions are not good. Prepare to spend 2-3 hours setting up this table. If that wasn’t enough, other customers have complained that the table arrived with missing or damaged parts. Normally this is just a one time mistake, but multiple customers have brought this issue up.

While the table comes with a net, it is advised to purchase a separate Table Tennis net if you do purchase this table as the net does not do the table justice.

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