Stiga STS 185 Review

The Sitga STS 185 is a great Table tennis table for those just entering into the sport of for families with younger children.

It’s cheap but is still made of high quality materials by one of the leading table manufacturers in the world, Stiga. There’s a great warranty on the table in-case something were to happen to the table, and sometimes things do happen.

Customers have reported that their problems were met with quick and heartfelt resolution that made the entire ordeal easy to work through. Overall, this is a great cheap Table tennis table that competes against the most popular JOOLA Inside Table tennis table. You should also check this table if you’re looking for a cheap table.

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  • Competition-Ready Table with QuickPlay® Chassis for Fast Assembly
  • 3/4" Thick Table Top with Silk-Screened Striping
  • 2" Legs with 3" Mag Wheels
  • 2" Powder-Coated Steel Apron with Patented Half-Length Ball Storage
  • 72" Pivoting Net and Post Set Included- Open and Close Without Removing Net
  • For Indoor Use Only

Table tennis tables in this price range, $500-$850 are going to have a thinner playing surface. The playing surface is actually a good representation of the quality of table you are going to receive and this table has a relatively thin (low) surface, however that is what you would expect from a table of this caliber and price.

The ¾” inch surface this table has is still decent, so don’t interpret this review in a negative fashion, the playing surface on this table is exactly what you should expect and want from a table of this price.


Other great things about this table include the easy and quick assembly. With other Table tennis tables, especially rather cheap ones such as this, assembly can be a real pain.

We’re talking 3-5 hours of assembly due to frustrating instructions and missing parts. However, this table comes competition-ready with Quick-Play® Chassis technology, which means this table, arrives almost completely assembled, a few bolts and screw and you’re ready to go!

This Indoor Table tennis table also comes with 2” legs and 3” wheels. While the 2” legs are nothing to fret about the 3” wheels are generally 2”, so you get a little bit larger wheels in-case you might feel like taking your Table tennis table outdoors on a sunny afternoon.

This table is sturdy overall, it comes with 2" Powder-Coated Steel Apron with Patented Half-Length Ball Storage which means it naturally reduces rust as well as increases durability and strength. Not every Table tennis table has a ball storage, so this table really has a lot of the perks you wouldn’t expect in a cheaper Table tennis table such as this. Bringing the table out and in, such as closing and opening the table, is actually quite easy. The Quick-Play Chassis is also to the that advantage, causing the table to open and close relatively easy and quickly for quick play!


This is a great table for those interested in something decent quality but cheap for the family. Just because this is a cheap ping ping table doesn't mean it's poor quality. Yes, relative to what is out there this a cheap table, but that doesn’t mean this table isn’t quality. Other than the JOOLA Inside, this table truly is one of the best inexpensive Indoor Table tennis tables on the market.

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stiga sts 185
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