Stiga Classic 4 Player Set Review

The Stiga Classic 4 Player Set is the perfect set for family fun. If you are looking for inexpensive paddles for children, this is the set for you. They don’t have any rubber on them and they are designed with the pips out for better contact to slow the game down, great for younger kids learning to play.

Along with the paddles, you also get three white, 40-millimeter, one-star Table Tennis balls which aren’t the best in quality, but they are good enough for some family fun.

The paddle itself is not very good. This set should only be bought with the correct expectation in mind, and that is for children. My advice, purchase a higher quality racket, you won’t regret it.


  • Set of four hardbat-style Table Tennis rackets
  • Also includes three white, 40-millimeter, one-star Ping-Pong balls
  • Ideal for recreational and family play
  • Pips-out surface for better ball contact, slower shots, and more strategic game
  • Straight handles; 5-ply blade


This paddle was designed for family fun, not competitive play. Those interested in purchasing this paddle should be aware of the quality and overall purpose of this paddle.

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