Stiga Baja Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

The Stiga Baja Outdoor Table Tennis table is an outdoor Table tennis table with an aluminum composite top designed to not warp or rust under the weather conditions.

The aluminum composite consists of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core, great weather resistant material for outdoor table tennis tables. The table is also built with large 5” all-terrain wheels that are great for playing outside in questionable conditions.

While indoor tables generally have 2”-3” wheels, a table with 5” wheels is perfect for the outdoors and definitely demonstrates the designer’s had a purpose in mind when building this table. It’s a safe table as well; it’s built with a quick play chassis for easy assembly and is built with double locks for extra safety.

A Stiga 72” pivoting all-weather net and post system.


  • Weather resistant - great for the outdoors, garages, decks
  • Aluminum composite competition blue top with silk screen striping
  • Heavy-duty welded steel apron
  • 2” self-opening steel legs with leg levelers
  • 5” Double wheels with all-terrain tires and locks
  • Heavy-duty welded steel support frame
  • Oversized composite caster beam with steel cross beam supports
  • Corner protectors for extra safety
  • Hardware with protective covering of Zinc to prevent deterioration
  • Translucent graphic on aluminum underside of tops
  • Patented QuickPlay Chassis for quick and easy assembly
  • Includes: STIGA 72" Pivoting All-Weather Net & Post System


Overall, this is not a very good table and I would recommend searching for other outdoor Table tennis tables that are built to a higher quality. While Stiga may claim that the Stiga Baja Outdoor Table Tennis table is easy to assemble and provides a good playing experience, that is not what we found when putting together and playing on the table.

The largest problem is that the ball does not bounce evenly across the table. I suspect the chassis is touching and reinforcing the table top which is leading to a heavier bounce. While it’s noticeable across the entire table, you can feel the difference more so along the back edge of the table. Not only that, but the assembly instructions are quite bad. Yes, after the table is assembled, it’s easy to fold and put away as well as bring back out. But physically putting the table together was a hassle that took close to three hours. While this assembly time is not bad when compared to some of the other tables, the instructions themselves were quite bad.

Unfortunately outdoor Table tennis tables are generally more expensive than indoor tables due to their need to be weather-resistant and they also tend to not bounce as well as a an indoor table.

However I found two tables that are great in quality and price that should provide a high level bounce for years to come. The Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor is a little more expensive but will provide a great playing experience for any recreational Table tennis player and the Prince Advantage is a durable outdoor table that only takes 15 minutes to put together and has been recognized as one of the best cheap outdoor Table tennis tables.

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