Stiga 3-Star Ball Review

Table Tennis is a meticulous game to say the least, and having the proper equipment is important in developing the right habits for tournament play. If you decided to play with lower quality Table Tennis balls such as a 2-star or 1-star ping pong ball, you will develop bad habits as you become accustomed to the bounce of these inferior playing balls. Purchasing tournament quality balls is important if you plan on taking Table Tennis seriously, and choosing the right Ping-Pong ball should be given the same attention to quality as you would a racket or table.


  • Superior quality for tournament play
  • 6 Orange balls
  • The 40mm ITTF regulation size and weight.
  • Replaces the former 38mm size,• improved ball performance
  • better ball control, •extended ball play, consistent bounce, excellent spin, longer volleys

There are a multitude of different Table Tennis balls on the market. Generally, 3-star balls are considered the highest quality, even being used in regulation tournaments. Compared to the 1-star, 2-star or unmarked ping pong balls, the three stars should bounce better and more uniform. Since Ping-Pong balls approved for tournament play are governed by specs for weight (2.7g), material (celluloid), size (40mm diameter), finish (matte), and bounce (0.4 coefficient of restitution), the difference between quality is all about bounce and consistency.

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