portable ping pong table

The Ideal Mini Ping Pong Table

The best mini Ping Pong table or portable Ping Pong table should be small but large enough that will allow to grown adults to play side-by-side comfortably. The table should be light enough that a child can pick up and carry or set the table up. And the table should be easy to fold and put away for storage.

The JOOLA Midsize Ping Pong Table

If everything you read before you was correct, then the JOOLA Midsize is the perfect portable Ping Pong table for you. While it still stands at a modest height and width that allows adults to play doubles comfortably, it's small enough and light enough that it folds into a compact storage and is very easy to carry.>

Despite other mini tables that advertise their height and capabilities, the majority of them are built for children. If you're looking for a mini or portable Ping Pong table that is designed for children, this is not the table for you. While it may be compact, this table was still built with quality materials that should provide a fun time.

Surface Thickness

Comparing the JOOLA Midsize to other portable Table Tennis tables, you can see that the other table's surface is made of low quality thin material while the JOOLA Midsize is made of 3/4" MDF, the same thickness one would expect from a more expensive indoor table. So while you're buying a mini Ping Pong table, you're keeping the playing surface quality.