Table Tennis Rubber Reviews

As you progress in skill, you might decide that you want to customize the rubber on your racket. There are different types of rubber such as pimples-in and pimples-out that are best suited for specific playing styles.

If you're just starting out, we recommend checking out our beginner's guide which recommends equipment best suited for someone still learning the ropes of the game.

Donic Akkadi Taichi Rubber

donic akkadi taichi rubber review

A unique rubber that blends an extremely tacky, Chinese-style topsheet with a softer, European-style sponge.

Stiga Calibra Tour S

stiga calibra tour s rubber review

The Calibra Tour S becomes a deadly weapon that can hit amazing loops and smashes that are unreturnable.

Donic Baracuda

donic baracuda rubber review

Donic’s Barracuda rubber is made in the European style with a soft sponge and a less than tacky topsheet.

Butterfly Tenergy 05

butterfly tenergy 05 rubber

Speed: 13, Spin: 11.5, Density: 38, Color: Black.
Features' Butterfly's new technology "Spring Sponge".

Butterfly Tenergy 64

butterfly tenergy 64 rubber

Designed for offensive players, the Tenergy 64 is many high profile player's favorite rubber of choice.

Butterfly Tenergy 80

butterfly tenergy 80 rubber

Speed: 13.25, Spin: 11.25, Sponge Hardness: 32deg.

Yasaka Mark V

yasaka mark v rubber review

The Yasaka Mark V Table Tennis rubber is perfect for any player looking to increase their shot's control.

DHS Hurricane 3

dhs hurricane 3 rubber review

PowerfulNEO sponge and HURRICANE 3 rubber with special glutindsity could create stable and high-speed arc.