Ping Pong Ball Reviews

While there are many different types of balls, there are only three classifications of quality that matter.

If you're just starting out, we recommend checking out our beginner's guide which recommends equipment best suited for someone still learning the ropes of the game.

If you plan on playing in a tournament, you should play and practice with the best ping pong balls the same kind the professionals use.

Stiga 3 Star Orange 6 Pack

Stiga 3 Star table tennis balls

6 Orange balls, 40mm ITTF regulation size and weight. Replaces the former 38mm size, improved ball performance.

Joola 1 Star 12 Pack 40mm

Joola 1 star 12 pack

12 pack of 40 millimeter table tennis balls.

GoGo 3 Star 40mm (72 pack)

GoGo 3 Star Ball

40mm 3-star balls, comes with 72 balls. Not ITTF approved. Highly recommended for professional training or conventional games. Excellent for all around play.

Butterfly ITTF Approved 6-Pack

Joola 12 pack

ITTF approved 3-star ball. 30 days / Manuf. Defect.

Champion 4 Star 12-pack

Champion 4 Star Ball

ITTF tournament ball, Champion 12 - pack.

Nittaku Premium 3 Star 12 Pack

Nittaku 3 Star 12-Pack

Official ball for USA Table Tennis. Official ball for Table Tennis Canada. Used in many World Championships and International Competitions.