Park & Sun MTT Mini Table Tennis Table Review

The Park and Sun MTT Mini Table Tennis Table is ideal for children and preteens looking to enjoy Table Tennis in a limited space. The dimensions for the table measure out to 60 x 28 x 30 inches (W x H x D), so it can fit almost anywhere.

Not only is it compact, but it’s very light weight as well. The table only weighs 34.2 pounds and folds into a Velcro lock and carrying handle for easy transport. While the table is obviously built for children or preteens, there have been some concerns regarding the quality of the table, and I agree. The table’s materials look and feel cheap and the packaging definitely needs work.

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Product Description

The Park & Sun Tennis Table is designed for rooms with limited space but still has the ability to provide the fun and joy of playing Table Tennis. It has a MDF (medium density fiberboard) playing surface measuring three-eighths of an inch (not very good), and a tournament blue finish.

The steel frame diameter (one-inch) not only gives it a protective black powder finish but also makes it easy to fold and store. The Velcro lock and the handles make it easier than ever to transport the tables from one place to another. Not only that, but this table only measures out to 60 by 28 by 30 inches – W x H x D and comes with 2 balls, 2 paddles and a net.

As such this Mini Tennis Table should not be purchased by adults for competitive or serious play. It’s perfect for children and play rooms, but not for adults or individuals learning to play Table Tennis.


  • Small and compact in design and folding.
  • Has a medium density fiberboard playing surface measuring 3/8 inches and features a laminated blue-coloured top.
  • Has a steel frame measuring 1 inch with a black power coat finish for protection.
  • Comprised of a Velcro lock and handle for easy transportation and can be easily folded and stored.
  • Comes with 2 balls and paddles measuring


The major drawback I noticed with this table was the quality. But keep in mind, I’m a firm believer of you get what you pay for. For the price, you shouldn’t expect top quality from any Table Tennis table.

That being said, this table was built and designed poorly, almost as if they knew a kid would love it for 3 months and then forget about it. If you’re looking for some simple fun with your kids or you are constrained by space and you don’t want anything serious, the Park and Sun Mini Table Tennis Table is for you and would be a quality purchase. If you want a legitimate table and don’t mind spending a little extra, I would avoid buying this table.

An alternative mini Ping-Pong table I would recommend is the JOOLA Midsize Table

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