Palio Legend 2

Hey guys Jamon here bringing you a review on the Palio Legend 2 racket. This is personally the best pre made I have ever played with and it is really well put together.

It features a 5 Ply all wood blade and it is a little bit on the heavier side. The rubber on this blade is high quality Palio Hadou with 2.0MM sponge underneath. The sponge is harder resulting in a faster ball and less control.

The racket in hand is kind of heavy compared to other rackets I have played with in the past and I quite like it. Another thing I noted was the tackiness and quality of the rubber. The quality of the rubbers is comparable to the Mark V Rubber and other Donic rubbers in quality. Tackiness wise it is comparable to the DHS Hurricane 3. It plays just like a chinese rubber, fast with high spin and less control. This suits an OFF to OFF+ player and I recommend this blade and brand to anyone, from beginner to advanced players included. Below I will list each shot and how it felt.


  • Rubber: Palio Hadou with 2.0MM sponge on both sides
  • Blade: 5 Ply all wood with a heavier feel
  • Handle: Flared
  • Tackiness: 7.0 Tacky
  • Weight: 6.0 Medium to Heavy

Forehand Loop:

The forehand was great on this paddle. When brushing over the ball it was easy to return heavy backspin and I felt great when playing the attacking style on this blade. This blade was faster than the Pro Carbon but way less control. I could tell this was meant for the extreme offensive player.

In topspin rallies I would usually come out on top due to the high spin produced when looping. Another thing I noticed with the loop was counter topspin. This racket received topspin really well resulting in me being able to counter topspin back hard and fast. The harder sponge on this racket really benefited during forehand loops. It made opponents receiving my loop really hard to push or chop back.

palio legend 2 bottom picture


Blocking was really difficult with this racket. The ball springs off the blade so fast I had a hard time controlling where my blocks were going. Although blocking was hard, putting heavy topspin with my backhand was not. With proper technique I could generate so much spin due to the tackiness of the rubber, this would make receiving it very difficult. I could also keep the ball low and fast on backhand to backhand rallies.


Flicks and short play was another thing that I liked but had trouble with. I could generate the spin but it takes a few games to get used to the dwell time. The ball wouldn’t stay on the rubber longer than I was used to resulting in less control but a lot more spin. On my forehand flicks I could smash balls really well with almost no chance of my opponent returning it.

Pushes and Touch Play:

Pushing with this blade was decent at best. Off the table was really hard to control my chops and receiving heavy spin was hard to push back without the ball flying off the table. Close to the table though, this racket was excellent. I could return short serves by easily touching it back, setting up for my 5th ball attack.

palio legend 2 side picture

My Ratings

  • Overall Score: 9/10
  • Rating on Package: 10/10 Speed 9/10 Spin 6/10 Control


In conclusion this racket was really fast and was a joy to play with. The price on this paddle is an absolute steal for what you are getting. Not only are you getting a high quality racket, you also get a case and good support from Palio.

This racket though, was not very forgiving so I would recommend it to someone that is more advanced and is looking for an upgrade to their current paddle.

Another thing you should consider is the fact that you can change rubbers with this paddle. After the rubbers are worn you can keep the high quality blade and replace it with rubbers of your choice. All in all this is the highest quality pre made racket I have ever played with and highly recommend this racket.

palio legend 2 ping pong racket
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