Nittaku Premium 3-Star Ball Review

The Nittaku Premium 3 Star ball is a 40mm world class ITTF approved Table Tennis ball. The epitome of a quality Table Tennis ball, the Nittaku premium is arguable the best in the world. They are more consistent in hardness and bounce and they last longer than any other Ping-Pong ball. The ball has been featured in countless world tournaments and the Nittaku brand is the official sponsor for the USATT league, which recently gave the decision to use Nittaku’s new 40+ for the World Championships, the ITTF World Tour, ITTF Junior Circuit, and ITTF sanctioned continental events. You can trust that when purchasing a Nittaku Premium 3 star ball, you will receive nothing but the best.

You should purchase a Nittaki Premium 3 star ball if you want to play with a world class Table Tennis ball. If you want to play with the best Ping-Pong ball that even the pros use for tournaments, you found it. While they are more expensive than the other Table Tennis balls on the market, you should expect that price to be worthwhile as these balls will last a life time.

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