Killerspin Jet 800 Review

The Killerspin Jet 800 is an intermediate to advanced level shakehand style table tennis racket. It’s ITTF approved and features a 7-ply blade with 5 wood layers + 2 carbon layers for competition level performance. The blade quality can be estimated by the number of “plys” a blade has.

7-Ply, 2.0mm Nitrx-4Z Rubber

You’ll notice that this blade has 7-plys while the less expensive lower quality rackets will have 3 or 5. It comes with 2.0mm high tension Nitrx-4Z rubber which provides plenty of power and is the only Killerspin paddle to have 2 carbon layers built in. The best way to determine quality is to see what the pros use. Olympic Champion Chen Qi and US National Champion Ilija Lupulesku both use the Killerspin Jet 800, so you can expect nothing but quality if you were to purchase this racket.

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  • 7-ply blade with 5 wood layers + 2 carbon layers for competition level performance
  • Lightest, most powerful JET Series rackets
  • ITTF approved, 2.0mm high tension Nitrx-4Z rubber
  • Ratings out of 10: Speed 9.5, Spin 9.0, Control 8.0
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty

Who Is This Paddle Made For

You should purchase this racket if you are an intermediate to advanced level Table Tennis player and want a racket with strong power. It generates both excellent power and spin, but can be hard to handle for a player not accustomed to such a racket.

Why You Shouldn't Buy This Racket

You should not purchase this racket if you are a recreational or advanced level table tennis player. There are other rackets on the market that would be better suited for your needs. Not only that, but this racket is difficult to handle, therefore if an inexperienced player bought this racket, they might not get the full use out of it and ultimately dislike the paddle not because of the paddle's attributes, but the player themselves.

Lastly, this is not a cheap paddle, as it’s only meant for serious players. Unless you are willing to shell out the money for an expensive paddle you may not be able to control, I advise reading the reviews of less expensive rackets.

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