Killerspin Jet600 Review

The Killerspin Jet 600 is an intermediate level paddle. It’s ITTF approved and features a 2.0 mm tension Nitrx-4Z rubber with a 2.0 millimeter sponge.

The Jet 600 is known for being hard to handle at first as it’s very easy to overhit the ball if you aren’t accustomed to playing with it. However, after you acclimate to the paddle, the power can become your favorite weapon.

The handle is a 5-ply wood, 6.0 mm lightweight thickness that is flared at the bottom and is designed for increased control. Even with the handle and the increased control, this paddle’s aggressive power style of play leads it to lack in the control aspect relative to its other attributes.


  • Handle: 3 7/8 inches flared
  • Blade thickness: 6 millimeters
  • Plies: 5-wood
  • Sponge: 2 millimeters
  • Speed rating: 9.0
  • Spin rating: 8.0
  • Control rating: 7.0


  • Some have reported that the flared handle is too short and can be annoying.
  • At 175 grams, the paddle is rather heavy. However this aids in the paddles increase power and requires some getting used to.
  • Only a 30 day warranty
  • Average control

You should not purchase this racket if you are a beginner. This racket lacks control, which is imperative for beginners. This racket is designed for an aggressive style of play, and there are other paddles in the same price range that are better suited for beginner players looking for a quality racket. Control is what you seek young grass hopper!

You should purchase this racket if you are an intermediate player and want a faster and stronger game. The paddle was designed for such, but as a result, is lacking in the control area. It will take some time getting accustomed with the paddle’s increased speed and weight.

Expert players or players that don’t play an aggressive style should not purchase this racket. There are other rackets better suited for your playing style or skill level.

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