Kettler Top Star Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

The Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor Ping Pong Table is a middle tier table tennis table designed for outdoor use.

It’s less expensive than some of the other models but still provides a great quality of play that even advanced players will enjoy. It comes with a weatherproof top and anti-reflective certified true bounce tournament top.

The table has very large wheels for ease-of-transport and boasts advanced space saver technology for compact storage. Although I personally did not experience this, some have reported that the bounce is negatively affected and performs sub-par to tournament regulations.


  • 7/8" patented, weatherproof ALU-TEC top with Climate-Control technology
  • Ultra smooth, anti-reflective and certified TRUE BOUNCE tournament top
  • SPACE SAVER TECHNOLOGY with toght profile and low center of gravity for compact storage
  • DLS Dual Lock Safety mechanism prevents accidental opening and closing
  • Large 5 1/2" dual wheel casters for easy and safe mobility. Two with integrated locking system.

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The first thing any person interested in purchasing an outdoor table should ask: Can the table hold up to the weather? Well, this table is reinforced with 7/8" patented, weatherproof ALU-TEC top with Climate-Control technology, so you can be sure that this table can withstand the onslaught of any rain storm.

In addition, the table has an ultra-smooth top that has been specifically designed for the extra bounce needed to make the sport faster and to induce a little more kick.

The table is designed with a low center of gravity designed especially for compact storage – a quality many possible buyers are worried about. The DSL Dual Lock technology makes sure that the table is sturdy and will not fall apart even after being constantly used.

Many tables require two people to move them, but not this one. The 5 1/2” dual wheel casters allow for easy transportation to any location of your choosing.


While the table is built for outdoor use, it is not designed to be tournament ready. That is, the bounce on the table is below regulation standard. This is a result of the weather resistant material that is coated on top of the table.

The other major concern when purchasing this table is the assembly. The assembly can be quite complicated. The instructions that come along with the table are quite poor and, at times, require more than one person to assemble. When assembling the Kettler Outdoor ping pong table, be prepared to devote 2-3 hours to assembly.

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