JOOLA Triumph 25 Review

The JOOLA Triumph 25 ping pong table provides serious value for the money. I looked far and wide for the best mid to high level table for a serious ping pong player, and this table has worked out perfectly.

I particularly appreciate that this table has one of the thickest playing surfaces on the market, at 25mm thick. The surface thickness is the most important aspect on a table, so you can be sure you'll receive a solid table with a uniform high quality bounce.

It has a medium density fiberboard surface painted an appealing charcoal gray color that goes quite well with everything in our rec room.


  • Features a 25 mm Charcoal Painted MDF Surface
  • Heavy Duty 50 mm Warp-Resistant Frame
  • Includes Corner Ball Holders for up to Three Balls (Balls Not Included)
  • Includes Detachable Magnetic Scoring Device for Easy Game Scoring
  • Comes With Double Anti-Tilting Device
  • Adjustable Rubber Feet to Level the Table
  • Two-Piece Table Folds for Easy Mobility, Playback Mode and Compact Storage

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Table is sturdy and easy to move

The 50mm frame is described as warp resistant, and it is one of the sturdier frames of tables in this price range. It also has a nice finish to it and looks well made. The legs fold down to provide extra support and the casters lock into place to keep it from rolling around. The wheels are also larger than most other tables in its price range, making it easy to roll across carpet.

Built-in ball holders

This particular JOOLA Ping Pong table is set apart from other Ping Pong tables in its price range because it actually has ball holders. It can hold three balls at each of the corners, which is something you would expect a Ping Pong table to do, although I was surprised to learn that some tables that are much more expensive don’t even have this option.

High quality net

The net on this table is of extremely high quality for this price range. Some similar competitors have very cheap and flimsy nets, but the net on this table mounts well and has a professional look to it.

Single-player play-back option

The JOOLA Triumph 25 Ping Pong table can also fold one side at a time or both at once. Fold only one side for the ability to actually play Ping Pong with one person. This is good for those who want to practice but can’t find anyone else to play with.

Easy storage

Fold both sides of the table at the same time, and the table can easily be stored against the side wall of any room. This is a major plus for anyone who doesn’t plan to keep it up at all times.


  • High quality net
  • Relatively sturdy and reliable frame
  • Includes ball holders
  • Thick playing surface for price range
  • Easy to fold and store away


  • Cheap magnetic scoreboard
  • Table is not as heavy or well-built as some others in price range
  • Stabilizing legs don’t always work well; table moves when bumped


Overall, the JOOLA Triumph 25 Ping Pong table would make a great addition to any family rec room or community recreation center. I would recommend this JOOLA Ping Pong table for both commercial and residential purposes. In my opinion it is sturdy and professional enough to be used for Ping Pong tournaments. Although it won’t last as long as a professional quality table, it does provide play that will meet or exceed the expectations of the occasional Ping Pong player.

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