JOOLA Triumph 18 Review

The JOOLA Triumph 18 ping pong table is the perfect table for the mid-level player that wants to take his recreational skills to the next level. This table has all that I needed to up my game, and it is one of the best tables I have ever used.

Upon first glance most of my friends think it is a professional level table. It has a very sturdy appearance and a clean, finished look to it overall. It has a beautiful charcoal colored painted surface 18mm thick and a sturdy undercarriage with locking casters on the wheels and anti-tilt legs to resist movement when bumped.


  • Features a 18mm Charcoal Painted MDF Surface
  • Supported by a 40 mm Warp-Resistant Frame
  • Includes Corner Ball Holders for up to Three Balls (Balls Not Included)
  • Includes Detachable Magnetic Scoring Device
  • Double Anti-Tilting Device for Increased Safety
  • Adjustable Feet to Level the Table
  • Two-Piece Table Folds for Easy Mobility, Playback Mode and Compact Storage

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Built-in ball holders

Personally, the four built-in ball holders are my favorite aspect of this table. To my surprise, many of the other tables I considered buying do not include ball holders. This seems like something every ping pong table should have to prevent from chasing balls around the room or having to keep them in your pocket while playing.

Easy to assemble

This JOOLA Ping Pong Table is easy to assemble. Although it is built well and quite heavy, just two people can easily assemble it in less than 15 minutes.

Sturdy and reliable

Its 40mm sturdy frame resists warping and has features that stabilize it that are not available on other similar tables. The rubber feet keep the table from slipping on hard surfaced floors and the legs are fully adjustable so the table can be moved up and down for people of various heights.

Easy to store

Arguably the best feature of this table is that it completely folds to enable easy storage. It is not hard to move around, and it can be stored behind a couch or in the corner of a rec room when not in use.

Single player play-back option

Since the table folds into two, it also allows single player Ping Pong play for those who want to practice. One half of the table can be folded up while the other half remains down. This is helpful for those of you who need to improve your Ping Pong skills without also improving the skills of the friend who always beats you.


  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Actually has ball holders
  • Heavy and sturdy frame stabilizes play
  • Good quality playing surface that looks professional
  • Simple to fold and store


  • Cannot be used outdoors
  • Does not come with balls
  • Magnetic scoring device is flimsy and cheap
  • The net is anchored by squeeze clips, not knob-type clips that provide a stronger grip


Overall, this JOOLA Ping Pong Table is a great choice for families. It looks great in any room and has a very nice playing surface. The fact that it folds and can be stored easily is a major plus for most people, especially those with smaller play-rooms for children. If you are in the market for a very good Ping Pong table for recreational play or the occasional relaxed tournament, this is the table for you.

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