JOOLA Triumph 15/Rally TL300 Table Tennis Table Review

The JOOLA Triumph 15, also known as the Rally TL300, is a cheap, low tier indoor Table Tennis table.

The table was designed for individuals looking for a cheap Ping Pong table that would still provide all the fun of playing table tennis without costing more than a $1000 dollars. This table was designed for recreational players or parents more interested in having fun than competing with the best ITTF approved equipment.

While the playing surface or ping pong table top is not the best quality, it’s good enough that unless you are an advanced player, you will not notice the difference in bounce quality compared to a more expensive table. However, if you are an advanced table tennis player or plan to participate competitively in tournaments, you should look for a more advanced higher quality table with at least a ¾” playing surface or Table tennis top.

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  • Features a 15mm Charcoal Painted MDF Surface - Perfect for Recreational Use
  • Includes Corner Ball Holders for up to Three Balls (Balls Not Included)
  • Includes Detachable Magnetic Scoring Device for Easy Game Scoring
  • Comes With Double Anti-Tilting Device for Increased Safety and Adjustable Feet to Level the Table
  • Two-Piece Table Folds for Easy Mobility, Playback Mode and Compact Storage
  • Includes 1-year warranty

Playing Surface

The JOOLA Triumph 15 has a 5/8” inch thick top, the same thickness as the best selling JOOLA Inside Table tennis table. This table's thickness is normal for table tennis tables in this price range and you can relatively expect a 5/8” table-top thickness from tables costing $400-$700, a ¾” table-top thickness from tables cost $700-$1000 and a tournament grade thickness of 1” from tables over $1000.

Overall, this one of the best table tennis tables one can purchase for under $500.

What separates the JOOLA Triumph 15 from the rest of the tables are the added amenities such as the corner ball holders and the magnetic scoring device. While these things don’t have a large impact on the quality of the table itself, it does make the table more attractive for younger children and teens who love the added characteristics and perks.

Not only is this table cheap, it’s easy to assemble as well. After receiving the package, it should take less than 20 minutes to completely assemble the table into perfect playing condition. That’s a lot better than some of the other tables that can take up to five or six hours to assemble. It’s easy to fold and store as well and can be used quite conveniently as two free standing tables for yard sales or large family gatherings. The table also has a play-back mode where you set one side of the Ping Pong table vertical so players can practice against themselves, rebounding shots off the other side of the table.


Overall, it’s a great recreational Table tennis table. It’s cheap, it provides a good enough playing surface that recreational players and children can still enjoy a competitive match, it’s easy to assemble and store, it doesn’t break easily, and most importantly it’s safe for children. I would definitely recommend this table for anyone considering purchasing a Table tennis table, especially if you are looking for an appropriate table for children.

Other tables in the similar price range that I would suggest reviewing before making a final decision are the JOOLA Inside Table tennis table and the Stiga Triumph Table tennis table.

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