JOOLA Tour 2500 Review

JOOLA table tennis tables are widely regarded as some of the best in the world. They are the official sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals table tennis competitions.

For this table tennis table review I’ll go over what makes the JOOLA Tour 2500 the perfect table tennis table for any amateure or aspiring professional table tennis player to use and highlight the great features of the JOOLA Tour 2500.


  • High Quality Tournament ready table tennis table includes competition net and post
  • Thick 1 inch (25mm) MDF painted surface
  • Durable 50mm metal frame and 50x50mm undercarriage
  • Nearly preassembled with two separate stand alone halves on trundle system
  • Optimal storage dimensions of 24 1/2 x 62 1/4 x 64 Inch

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Thickness and Construction

The JOOLA Tour 2500 has a thick 1 inch (25mm) surface, good for a consistent bounce and the standard thickness used in tournament play. Additionally JOOLA has a multilayered paint process designed to prevent chipping and warping, helping to extend the lifespan of your table tennis table.


The included net has adjustments for tension and height. The net is a competition grade net assembly and it holds up well.

Durable metal frame

The robust metal frame also contributes to the solid construction of the table. With the undercarriage being built out of a 50mm metal frame construction, this table will hold up well over time.

Easy Assembly

The Joola Tour 2500 is easy to assemble as it comes almost preassembled. The only installation necessary is the caster “T” bracketed legs. You receive it in two halves both with an independent rolling trundle. This facilitates easy set up and take down, easy transport and simple storage - either separate or together.


The Tour 2500 employs solid engineering and a self-locking mechanism to ensure no surprises when moving or transitioning the table.

Playback Mode

This table is great for a player who is accustomed to playing on well-crafted tables, as well as players who are interested in getting a lot of solo practice in. The table comes with auto-folding legs and adjustable height levelers making it easy to transition the table to a solo practice oasis.


Overall the Joola Tour 2500 is an excellent table for a mid-level enthusiast looking to improve their game, or for a professional trying to get a well-priced table tennis table for practice and consistency purposes.

With Joola supplying the US National team with table tennis tables you’d be hard pressed to find a better table tennis table with similar features.

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