JOOLA Tour 1500 Review

The JOOLA Tour 1500 is JOOLA’s new cheap table tennis table.

It's similar to the JOOLA Inside, JOOLA’s other famous cheap table tennis table, but this is their new advanced table that may become the top seller soon. It has all the great characteristics as the favorite JOOLA Inside, but this table is cheaper and has a more suave dark blue design.

Most Important Attribute: Surface Thickness

The most important aspect that one should look at when purchasing an indoor Table tennis table is the playing surface thickness. This table has a playing surface of 5/8” inch, which is alright but is definitely not tournament-level thickness.

That being said, one purchasing this table should be aware of why this table sparks people’s interest, it’s cheap. Yes it’s cheap, but what separates this table is that it plays like a more advanced expensive table overall.

The playing surface at 5/8” inch is actually the norm for this price range of $450-$600, but don’t expect a professional-level bounce. That being said, this table still plays great and any person looking for a high-level recreational table will love this table. The bounce may not be perfect, but any recreational player is not going to be able to notice the minute difference.


  • Assembly Time: Less than 20 min
  • 5/8 Inch MDF Blue Painted Table Surface for improved playability and performance
  • Two Separate halves allow for easy mobility and compact storage, Playback mode compatible
  • Includes tournament grade net and post set
  • Leg levelers help create an even playing surface

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With this table, assembly is very easy. It seems the Ping-pong table manufacturers have figured out how to reduce assembly time as the majority of new tables have a small manufacturing time.

That being said, there are still a lot of tables that have assembly times of 3-5 hours. The assembly time on this table is around 20 minutes and could be completed with one person, however we still recommend two people as this table can be quite heavy.

This table comes with leg-levelers which are a great addition to any Ping-Pong table. Playing with an uneven table can completely ruin the fun and I personally believe that every modern Table tennis table should come with leg-levelers.


Overall this recreational table is great for families, it’s built for convenience but is also built to last. While it may not be the best Ping Pong table on the market, its still got a lot of features that make it attractive.

The surface thickness is normal for a table of this price, so that’s good. It has got a thick chassis so it’s strong and assembly isn’t long, perfect. Not to mention it comes with leg-levelers and it can separate into two halves for additional mobility and utility; this table is definitely worth the value.

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