JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Review

For many, the challenge in figuring out where to put an overly large sized green or blue table prevents them from ever purchasing a table tennis table.

Well JOOLA has discovered the perfect width for a Ping-Pong table that still allows for competitive play between adults, and that’s the JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis table.

It’s only 71 inches long and less than 36 inches wide (That’s 2/3 the width of a regulation sized table.), but still stands at the regulation height of 30 inches. If that wasn’t enough, it can be separated into two free standing tables for added practicality and better storage.

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  • Measures out to only 71 x 30 x 36 inches ( 2/3 width of regulation sized table) for increased use of limited space.
  • Only weighs 62 pounds, easy transportation.
  • Mini Table Tennis Table is quite durable and designed to last.
  • The Table Tennis table can be separated into two individual tables for increased practicality and storage.
  • The playing surface is 5/8" thick and is made of the same high quality material JOOLA's more expensive tables are made of.
  • While there are other mini Table Tennis tables on the market, JOOLA's mini tables are considered the best.
  • Free Shipping


  • Does not come equipped with paddles and balls.
  • Others reported pre-existing damage to the corners of table upon opening. Careful inspection required.
  • Not ITTF approved


This is the table you should buy if you have limited space or a limited wallet. While the table is not regulation size, it is the only midsize table on the market that still provides enough room for adults to play competitively.

The table is designed with the same high grade material the more expensive tables are made of and provides multiple lightweight options for storage and transportation. Damaged corners seem to be an uncommon occurrence upon arrival, but it did happen to others. Please inspect carefully upon arrival.

This is not the table you should buy if you have enough room or want, a regulation sized table. If you are a serious play or want to practice to become better at table tennis, this is not the table for you. This table is designed for compact storage and transportation.

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