JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor Review

The Joola Nova DX is an outdoor table tennis table that is designed with longevity and fun play in mind. This table has a plastic/aluminum composite table-top which makes it rust resistant for easy outside storage.

The Nova DX is the best selling cheap outdoor table. While it's designed for beginners, it offers a high quality bounce and a weather-proof surface that makes it a great ping pong table for the family.


  • Joola Outdoor Table Tennis Table Dimensions: Regulation Size of 9ft x 5ft / Assembled Weight: 121 lbs
  • Features a 6mm Table Top Made of Aluminum Plastic Composite
  • Comes with Rust Resistant, Powder Coated Metal Undercarriage and Trolley System with Four Durable Wheels
  • Outdoor Net
  • Foldable- Two Piece- For Playback- Simply Leave One Half Folded
  • Safety Features: Locking Casters, Locking Halves When Folded Down for Play, and Anti-Tilting Devices

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The Joola Nova DX is designed as an outdoor table and comes with some great extra features that make this seemingly beginner table, more of an intermediate player’s ideal dream. Each section of the table has 4 wheels for easy, independent movement of the table. Leaving one half folded is also how you set up the solo play feature, making set up a breeze.

The table thickness is a very thin 6mm, but it is a plastic/aluminum composite that actually gives a very good, consistent bounce. This table-top is reinforced by a 2 inch metal undercarriage, ensuring that that it won’t warp. The table is definitely durable enough to withstand the rain and the elements. However, to ensure years of enjoying your table, a cover is smart investment if stored outside and exposed to the elements 24/7.

The Joola Nova DX also has a very sturdy undercarriage ensuring easy movement of the table and a very secure table when it is fully set up. The table also includes locking wheels and locking halves (when table is folded down for play).

Review Conclusion

The Joola Nova DX at first glance is a beginners table, but easily outshines most beginner tables with all of its great features. This table is durable and secure and with the right care will last for years to come. Perfect for bringing inside during the colder months (to stay on your game) and move outside during the warmer months to enjoy with friends and show off your skills.

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