JOOLA 1-Star 40mm Review

Generally, if you are looking for quality tournament level Table Tennis balls, you should purchase 3-star balls as they represent the highest grade Ping-Pong balls. However, not with the JOOLA 1-star 40mm training Table Tennis balls. These balls, while cheaper than the higher-quality balls, still provide excellent bounce and uniformity throughout its lifespan. You can usually expect a 1-star ball to break or pop somewhat easily. That is not the case with these inexpensive Table Tennis balls. Standing the test of time and customer criticism, people agree, the training pack is worth the purchase price and will perform exceptionally well for months before needing to purchase new Table Tennis balls.


  • Superior quality and durable 40 millimeter Table Tennis balls
  • 12 balls are included
  • Top seller
  • Consistent roundness and hardness
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