GoGo 3-Star Ball Review

The GoGo 3-star Table Tennis balls are top- of-the-line table tennis training balls. While they are not ITTF approved, meaning you can’t use them in tournaments, they are perfect for intense training practices. While I would recommend purchasing tournament regulation balls if you are training competitively for regulation tournaments, I would suggest purchasing these balls for recreational practice. They fit in all standard training robots and bounce almost exactly the same as an ITTF regulation table tennis ball while being one of the least expensive, high-quality table tennis balls on the market.


  • Official ball size: 40mm
  • Available in Orange and White
  • Includes 6 single balls per tube
  • Excellent for all-round play
  • Highly recommended for professional training or conventional games

Main Features:

  • Designed for training robots, practice, and competitions
  • seamless T.T. balls available in orange and white
  • Top quality with top control
  • Uniform bounce, strong spin, excellent volleys
  • Long-lasting, durable
  • Comes with 6 balls per tube, neatly designed and packaged
  • Highly recommended for club professional training
  • Material: Celluloid, not plastic

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