Butterfly Tenergy 05 Review

The aptly named DHS Hurricane 3 provides a cyclonic force in a Ping Pong rubber that helps you power through the most strenuous of games. This is the perfect rubber for those who may not be the strongest or best Ping Pong players. Have no fear; this rubber is on your side.

It’s time to get into an in-depth DHS Hurricane 3 Review to see how this rubber stacks up where it really matters.


  • Specially designed rubber to reduce ponderousness
  • 8.1 speed
  • 8.9 spin, which allows for high ball rotation
  • 8.7 control, which makes it harder for the user to control the ball
  • Medium-high Angle
  • Heavy Rubber with Hard Sponge

This rubber was specially designed for those players who mainly rely on adopting a control method or for those who have a, shall we say, weak attack power. If you feel as if you’re not the strongest or best player around, this might be the perfect rubber for you to help improve your game.

If you often feel that you have a hard time maneuvering or gaining proper control with your rubber, you need not fret any longer. The rubber helps to reduce the ponderousness when you strengthen power and create a long arc. These two qualities help with ball control and exert fast attack and loop drive near the table.


  • Sponge is too hard for certain players
  • Rubber can feel too heavy for certain players


We recommend checking this great table tennis rubber out, it won't dissapoint you. Great for penhold or shakehand style, this rubber will fit on any bat, any will make any player play better.Check it out.

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