Champion 4-Star Ball Review

The Champion 4 star balls are solid playing balls, however they are not approved by the ITTF and, therefore, cannot be used in tournament play. The star rating of a table tennis ball determines the quality of the ball. 1-star or 2-star balls are used for practice and are generally cheaper, while a 3-star ball means it fits the requirements met by the ITTF for regulation tournament play. Now 4-star, 4-star is just a gimmick to get you to purchase these balls. People naturally assume the higher the star rating, the better quality ball, and that’s normally true, but only up to 3-star. The real advantage of the numbering system is to differentiate between balls for the same brand. So a Champion 4-star ball is of better quality than a Champion 3-star

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While the fact that the balls are 4-star has no real indication of quality, these table tennis balls are still very good. No, they may not be regulation, but they still bounce uniformly and can last for hundreds of games before needing to be replaced.

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