Butterfly 3 Star Ball Review

The Butterfly 3 Star Ball is a 40 mm highly rated tournament-ready table tennis ball. It’s been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation as well as the United States Table Tennis Olympic Committee as a world class regulation ball and was the official playing ball for the ITTF World Junior Circuit through 2007 as well as the official ball for the 2004 North American Olympic Doubles Trials and the 2009 World Championships. Having been used at the highest level of table tennis by pros around the world, one can expect the balls to be of the highest quality available. These balls perform as advertised and will continue to bounce uniformly for hundreds of games to come.


  • Clam Shell
  • ITTF approved 3-star ball
  • 30 days / Manuf. Defect
  • Official ball for ITTF World Junior Circuit through 2007
  • Official ball for the 2004 North American Olympic Doubles Trials
  • Official ball for 2009 World Championships
  • Designed by Butterfly, the leading table tennis manufacturer

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Butterfly 3 Star Balls bounce like a pro, and is made for pros. You should purchase these balls if you want to play with the same high-quality table tennis balls as the pros. While the Butterfly 3 star balls are more expensive than some of the 3-star balls, you really get what you pay for here and can expect nothing less than the best. If you don’t really care about bounce quality or consistency and just need a ball to hit back a forth, I would suggest purchasing a larger pack of less expensive balls.

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